Thursday, April 7, 2011

Weather Geek

I am somewhat of a weather geek. It all stems from growing up on a farm. Weather is extremely important in the flower business. Too much rain can cause the flowers to rot on the stem. At the same time too much hot weather can cause the blooms to wither before you get a chance to pick them. I fondly remember waking up early with my father to watch the satellite radar weather station to see what the day and days to come will be like.

I have been a huge user of both The Weather Underground and Intellicast. However, I have found a new site that is amazing WeatherSpark. All I can say is wow. It may not have all the bells and whistles of the other sites, but it has an amazing interface. It is not a replacement for the aforementioned sites. Wunderground has an amazing group of local stations and a community of users of which I want to join. However, my neighbor 100' away already has a station set up so there is really no  need to. Intellicast still has an amazing animated radar page. I really like the interface of WeatherSpark. Hopefully they will keep developing it. A few more features and it could become the only Weather site I use.

On a parting note does anyone else have any Weather websites they would like to recommend to me?

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Gabe said...

I know their desktop apps have mixed results, but I've been using WeatherBug's iphone and ipad apps with good results. The radar movie mode serves me well when I'm trying to decide whether to ride or drive to work. Maybe weatherspark will release a mobile app.