Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Some Recent Bushcraft Projects

As much as I love Infosec one of my biggest passions is the outdoors. I have been doing the Bushcraftusa.com Bushcraft Basic certification. It is a self study course open to anyone who is interested. Here are some of my submissions and some projects I have been working on recently.

Fuzz Sticks


Lilly using her knife to make shavings for our fire.
Our fire
My custom Beck Bushcraft knife

Yucca for cordage

Green Yucca

Penny Stove made out of a soda can.

Completed Stove

Boiling some water with denatured alcohol. 

My first attempt at rock pecking. Took around 6 hours of work to get the groove set around the entire mallet head.

Fire by friction bow drill ember on my tracker knife.

Bow drill ember on my Wolf Creek Forge mini nessmuk