Monday, July 20, 2009

Back at it

Well after a year and a half hiatus I have been well enough to get out bouldering. The treatments have been going good and the immune-inhibitors have worked wonders for the vascullitic neuropathy. I figured that since I can now feel my feet and hands again I might as well try to get back into bouldering. The vasculitis really did a number to my left arm (especially the triceps and wrist extensors/flexors) and the muscles in my left leg so I was not expecting too much. We went to Mt. Woodson and I started out and ended at boulder 1 and 2. I remember walking almost all of these problems in my prime and now they were at my limit. Still I had a great time and was able to climb quite a few. Hopefully next time I'll make it further up the hill and up a few more problems.

After the sit start.

Right before the crux.

My future little climbers.

This problem was a lot harder than I remember it being.

Got to love the undercling.